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Photo by Ana Riaza Jorge

Curator of this competition: Michael Leggero

Michael Leggero    Michael Leggero
Michael Leggero is an enviromental and landscape photographer. In his over 25 years as a photographer he has seen the wonders of Antarctica, the High Arctic and many places in between. His theory on photography is simple, get out and see what secrets this planet has to offer, and then share those places with others who can't seen them first hand. We live on a beautiful planet, enjoy all it has to offer and pick up litter where ever you see it. Michael spends much of his time teaching photography workshops and writing educational articles. He did write a book that has almost nothing to do with photography but tells all about his travels all over the globe. it's titled He Did What??!!?! and is on, kindle, and ibooks, a guaranteed hilarious read.
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Michael Leggero
Michael Leggero:wonderous image, the light spilling onto the mountain made it complete. without that light i don't think it would have been anywhere near as spectacular. all the elements came together in this one, the sunset/sunrise, the mountain, and the water, it all worked well together. and choosing the way it was cropped was well done.



Second curator's choice
Congratulations Wolfgang Moritzer!


Flow Flow
Michael Leggero
Michael Leggero:without the log i think this image would have been falling short. the colors in the log really caught my eye and the softness of the water was a perfect time exposure, any longer or shorter would have lost the peaceful serenity of the image.




Special Mentions

Congratulations HatCat Photography!

Michael Leggero
Michael Leggero: great job including the horses in the image, i'm not a huge fan of how the sand just goes downhill at the right of the fence, if that didn't happen i think i would have scored it higher. it's the unevenness of the sand that threw my eye off.. it seems a bit distracting.


Michael Leggero
Michael Leggero: great post production work on this image. don't let people criticize you using Photoshop on your images. it is YOUR VISION and that's what's important. the beam of light from the lighthouse is really what makes this image come alive.


Michael Leggero
Michael Leggero: the reflection of the sun in the tide pools was nice in this one. i think if you cropped off the top and the bottom more it would have worked better, the lack of clouds in the top does not really help the image and the big sand bar shape at the bottom throws it off a bit too. nice job though, a little cropping is my suggestion. don't limit yourself to just the standard shapes.



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