by: Gene Arno
made for the competition Landscape - Seascape - Cityscape - 90

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Colours Vista della città di Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ...

Here is the upside down :-)

Here is the upside down :-) The mirror lake at Yosemite National Park lives up to its name. The lake is a seasonal lake, which means it exits only during springtime when snow is melting in the mountains and Tenaya Creek is having enough water. The mountain in the background is Mt. Watkins (8500 ft / 2591 m). This is one of my most viewed photos (more than 60.000 views) I have ever made. I published the photo at 500px years ago and "The Daily Top" was publishing it in the article "44 Photos That Require Some IQ, You Need To See Twice To Understand". ...


mist ...

The sun bird

The sun bird Sundown in Mont Saint Michel bay ...

Dawn by the river

Dawn by the river Vasco da Gama Bridge - Lisbon, Portugal ...


Winter Nove Zamky, Slovakia (2017) ...


Duality From my bedroom window the city traffic as seen reflected on the outside glass panes of the building. ...

The road

The road Road to Donetsk. Donetsk region. Ukraine ...


Jokulsarlon A lake at the end of a glacier in southern Iceland ...

Nobody home

Nobody home ´Goodbye house! I can´t Tell you When Will be back: Tomorrow or not tomorrow, Later or much more later.´ (fragment from the ´Ode to the Abandoned House´ by Pablo Neruda) ...

sky border

sky border Shar Mountain has the second highest peak in Macedonia, Titov Vrv (Big Turk) 2747m. This photo was taken from the next peak in line, Small Turk, only about 20m lower. The valley on the left side of the photo is amazing Leshnica, canyoning the Pena river... Over 1000m height difference in a very small distance. ...

Halong Bay

Halong Bay Towering limestone pillars and tiny islets topped by forest rise from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. Halong translates as 'where the dragon descends into the sea' and legend tells that this mystical seascape was created when a great mountain dragon charged towards the coast, its flailing tail gouging out valleys and crevasses. As the creature plunged into the sea, the area filled with water leaving only the pinnacles visible. The geological explanation of karst erosion may be more prosaic, but doesn't make this seascape any less poetic. Read more: ...


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