Landscape #162

by: Obatala Photography
made for the competition Landscape - Seascape - Cityscape -81-

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The Gallery

Max Relax

Max Relax One of those striking sunsets seen at the lake Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria. Sit down and enjoy. ...

Bow Lights

Bow Lights Sunrise moment with wonderful light at Bow Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada ...

Towards the autumn

Towards the autumn The same way it´s possible to feel the spring at the beginning of February, sometimes in August the autumn is clearly visible... ...

Himalayan Ranges

Himalayan Ranges This picture is of Himalayan ranges, which was taken from the airplane. ...

Waterfowl Lake Twilight

Waterfowl Lake Twilight Twilight at Waterfowl Lake before night falls. Arrived before dark to look for some composition and wait for the stars to fade in. Took this a little more than an hour after sunset. Hope you enjoy! ...

Porteau Shoreline

Porteau Shoreline Shoreline of Porteau Cove on a low tide starry night. ...

Fahrrinne Juist

Fahrrinne Juist Diesiges Wetter auf dem Weg mit der Fähre von Norddeich nach Juist. ...

Smoke signals

Smoke signals Bromo ...


Glacier The Mendenhall Glacier located in Alaska. ...


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